Lululemon founders honor Tracy Anderson on behalf of Imagine1Day

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You may have noticed a lot of people wearing activewear at the gym with a little stylized ‘a’ looking logo on it over the last few years…the logo is that of wildly popular activewear brand Lululemon that went public in 2007 and has made its creators Chip and Shannon Wilson extremely wealthy (to give you an idea, Chip sold half of his remaining stake in the company for $845 million).

The beautiful thing about the wealth they created is what they decided to do with it.  Chip and Shannon founded Imagine1Day as an initiative that aims to bring quality education to all children in Ethiopia by 2030 free of foreign aid. “We wanted to do something different and run our charity like a business,” said Shannon on Wednesday night at the Imagine1Day gala at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills. “We took what we thought were our best practices at Lululemon and rolled them into Imagine1Day. We developed a new model and that was that Chip and I guarantee covering all administration costs so that 100% of what people donate goes directly to projects and that’s our commitment.”

An inspiring commitment that includes educating the local children not just on core school curriculum, but on important social principles such as equality of men and women and how to develop leadership skills in your community.

Last night the organization chose to honor exercise and self help guru Tracy Anderson with a leadership award.  With her partner Gwyneth Paltrow by her side, Tracy humbly accepted the award and stressed the importance of supporting people like Chip and Shannon who are undertaking such noble paths of service. “If we all have each other, I really believe we can create really incredible change in the world”

We are very much looking forward that!

For more information on how to be involved with Imagine1Day click here to visit their website.

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