Your Inner Banksy Can Change the World #PAINTTHECHANGE

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Remember when Mark Ruffalo told the world that  ‘Iran should be accountable for not letting their youth be educated.’

Well, the #EducationIsNotACrime campaign just got even cooler by launching “Paint The Change.”

The campaign is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s powerful advice to ‘be the change,’ you want to see in the world. So basically, ‘Paint The Change,’ will see hundreds of murals painted on walls in cities across the globe in support of the youth in Iran who are being denied an education because of their religious beliefs.

Now we can bring awareness to this critical issue while simultaneously channeling our inner Banksy. And while were at it… Banksy, Alec Monopoly and Shepard Fairey, I would love to know your thoughts on this through your own #PaintTheChange works of art (just putting that out there :-) ).

The handbook of instructions is going to be out soon. I will let you know as soon as it’s available, so you can grab a can of spray paint, your smartphone and tag photos of your street art while helping to make education a global human right. #EducationIsNotACrime #PaintTheChange

And remember, stencil responsibly.

A US native (by way of a study detour in Sydney Australia), Raha Lewis is an influencer for all things fashion, pop culture and entertainment. A lawyer in her past life, who has written for publications such as the LA Times and People Magazine, Lewis is always on the latest news in the world of celebrity and is often seen touting exclusives on camera for the likes of E! News, Good Morning America and Showbiz Tonight. Her legal background anchors an innate analytic mindset, while her passion and have-fun-for-a-living attitude gives her the ability to provide telling insights on just about any subject matter. She extracts a unique reality in interviews because of her conversational free spirited interview style. She’s motivating, honest and reveals strengths in subjects that even they didn’t know they had.

She’s a content creator with a voice that speaks to the masses. And if she ends up at your dinner party, be prepared for a lot of laughter.

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