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CharlesMichaelDavis5-featureThere are hot guys, then there are hot guys who are also genuine and sweet,  and then there are the unicorns.  We would like to submit Charles Michael Davis of  CW’s Vampire Diaries spin off The Originals as the latter.  The 30 year old model turned actor talked to us about how grateful he is for the blessings in his life, how “every day is a happy day,” in his world and how (make sure you are sitting down ladies) he’s ready to get married and have kids. He goes to church, doesn’t drink alcohol and is on the quest to figure out what spirituality means to him.  Here is what Charles had to say when we sat down with him just before the holidays.


Hype Effect (HE): Have you always wanted to be an actor or did you accidentally stumble on it?

Charles Michael Davis (CD): It was all by accident, accident or grace. I grew up in Ohio and I went to Miami University. I started print modeling in college by coincidence.  I used to work retail and I would meet people  buying clothes and so many of them were modeling. So I went and met with an agent.  I called him up, brought pictures and there was no hard sell. He was like ‘yeah, I’ll represent you.’ Then the acting came through that.

HE: It’s not normally that easy. Was getting the lead in The Originals just as easy? And were you a little freaked out when you got that role?

CD: I was prepared and ready for it, I had just been working on Greys Anatomy. To be hired on that show and then to be working on something new gave me confidence. I went there going ‘don’t worry, you just did a few episodes on a long running Emmy nominated show.’ So when I got there I knew it was perfect for me and I knew everything I had been working toward in class and life had prepared me for it.

HE: I have heard that at the CW, actors are given opportunities to direct?  Are you interested in that?

CD: I haven’t directed yet but I want to for the third season. I’m dropping hints here and there. I think its likely. The shows been really great, TV is great for new directors and we have a producer Matthew Hastings, he’s there for every episode when the creator Julie Plec isn’t and he’s like a big brother mentor. Now it’s up to me to step up to the plate and show up.

HE: Speaking of showing up, seems like everywhere you go you are surrounded by adoring fans,  how do you keep yourself grounded?

CD: That’s never been distracting for me. I’ve dealt with attention since being young. My dad is very charismatic and popular around town. He was in the military and he’s retired from the post office, but in Ohio we would sit on the porch and people would drive by and honk and wave. Or we would walk through the mall and before we made it to the store he’d be saying hi to everyone. Everyone knew me as his son.

HE: So your fame originally came from dad?

CD: Well in high school I ran track and I would get a lot of attention for my performance or just you know, walking around on the track. I remember there was one track meet where these three girls would get together and giggle and follow me around. For me it was kind of weird then one year they wanted to take a picture and I didn’t understand why.

HE: Have you ever said no to anyone who wants to take a picture with you?

CD: In middle school there was a girl who was moving away and she wanted a picture of me but we had never really chatted so I didn’t know how to respond so I said no, cause I was uncomfortable. But she was a really sweet girl and never said anything mean or harmful about anyone and looking back I felt bad. Just because I felt uncomfortable – I mean it would have made her happy. Now when I meet people in the streets that day is in the back of my mind. So I always take pictures because most people are kind about it and it’s quick and easy.

HE: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has said to you?

CD: I was in London and this guy came up and hugged me and said ‘my God it’s so great to see you! You just made my night, and that thing you do with Klaus with your eyes, I love it.’ He hugged me and he looked at my girlfriend and was like ‘don’t ever let him go.’ And I looked at her and I said ‘yeah don’t ever let me go.’

HE: Did she let you go?

CD: Yeah.

HE: I’m so sorry, have you moved on? Are you dating?

CD:  I’m single now and I’m not really dating. my perspective has changed. Especially talking to my friends and seeing where everybody is at. Seems like everyone in my life is ready to settle down. They’ve worked on themselves, they’ve worked on their career. They’re at peace with where it’s going. But we don’t have that love or companionship that we could have and that’s one of those things that if you can’t change the situation you are forced to change yourself. I’ve always been reflective and I look back and I’ve only had a few long term relationships I feel like I’m learning the lessons really fast. I told a friend I was like ‘yeah I’m ready to get married.’ I have my career together and before it was like, ‘when I can afford to have a child,’ and I met a lot of people and they said none of those things really matter, you can always be ready. It’s about stepping up to the plate. So that’s one of the things thats always been there for me. I’ve always attracted great women who have been sweet kind hearted who never hurt anybody and never gossiped. I just haven’t been open to it, so now I’m open to it.

HE: Describe the person you see yourself being with?

CD: If both partners were smiling in their childhood pictures then chances are they will seek joy and companionship. I look back on my pictures and I am like ‘I was a really happy kid.’ So I want someone who was happy with the childhood they had, is beautiful inside and out, is kind hearted and has values.

HE: Any deal breakers?

CD: I would want them to be kind to people in the service industry. Kind to waiters, kind to valet, that’s really important. I find that to be a deal breaker. It’s really huge. I mean I was a bartender, a bellman, I knew I would move on and hopefully be somebody and that’s the same thing I see in them. I’ve seen people that don’t get the sushi they want and they lose it, and immediately there will be no second date.

HE: How many kids?

CD: I want two, one boy and one girl. I would love triplets, get two or three at the same time.

HE: Careful what you ask for.

CD: I’m asking for it, I’m ready. Look I have faith and confidence that I’ll be able to raise kids. That’s how you really have to have faith. If you can produce a child that’s adorable and loving and people love that kid and that came from you…that’s all you want.

HE: That’s your legacy.

CD: I’m also in my head and sometimes I think I want to go back to the girl that broke my heart but I have to love and respect myself and love and respect my unborn children. I always wanted to walk around life feeling like I already had a little boy or girl and I want to imagine they are with me at all times so I can be that man.

HE: A lot of this is about you having Faith.

CD: I’m always trying to find faith. That was my thing this year. We were on the beach in Costa Rica and I said to my friends, I want to be closer to God, I want to have faith. Before I was successful I went to an astrologer out here. I would only want to know about career. I would not ask about relationships. She’d say something about relationships and I would be like ‘I don’t care.’ I didn’t even believe in marriage until then, I thought ‘why would people want to do that to each other?’ Honestly when I’m by myself every day is a happy day. No one makes me happier than me. But the thing is when you love something more than yourself then you are like ‘I can’t go back to just being about me.’ But the astrologer said ‘maybe your soul mate has chosen not to be reincarnated in this life so you could go and live your dreams.’ Some people tell me that’s really sad but I say ‘no I felt something!’ You can have relationships but you just have to remember not to put pressure on anybody. That’s why I have to have faith. Because  someone just told me that the one person for me will never see this planet.

HE: You said every day is a happy day for you and that is so amazing. Some people never find that…they turn to drugs and all kinds of things to try and find that.

CD: I have no vices. I don’t drink either. I got into the industry when I was 23 so I had been through school.  I drank a little bit in college but I ran track and I saw how it affected my sport so I stopped. I was already a social person and I never liked the taste of it. My dad would drink. Still to this day we may have a beer here and there, but I used to see how his attitude would change when he drank. And my mom doesn’t drink. She’s from the Philippines, she has a strong sense of faith. She has a fiery attitude but she never drank and didn’t really need too.

HE: So how do you stay fit?

CD: I don’t really have a  trainer, I learned a lot in college from our athletic trainers.  I did ten different disciplines and actually last night I took a hip hop class. Today I’ll probably go work out at the gym. I got into athletics cause I wanted to have friends. I got into basketball, that taught me about fitness, but I would work out on my own. Once in middle school I put 25 lbs on my chest and I did sit ups and it gave me a hernia.  These days I go to the gym and socialize. It’s always been about having fun. I go twice or three times with my buddy,  I don’t have a set thing, whatever my friends want to do, I do that.

HE: Do you have a religious practice?

CD: I was raised Catholic and recently I got into Christianity cause I’ve been listening to a Baptist preacher, at the First Corinthian Baptist Church, in New York. Michael Walrond. The way that a man can interpret a passage and relate to it has really opened me up. I’ve also been hanging out with a lot of Bahai’s. They are great.  I judge the faith by it’s people and no one has let me down. I even know people who used to be Bahai and are not any more and I just see how when you commit to the religion, it does a lot for you.

HE: What does it do for you?

CD: Oh gosh I mean the simplicity of it, how it relates to the community. I learned about the effects of backbiting. Not just that its a bad thing to do, but knowing it tears at your own soul and the souls of others. I see how gossip comes back around,  I see how you can’t hide anything. My friends are so loving, settled, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. The Bahai’s are amazing. I mean when I was in Costa Rica I was told “hey this guy we’ve never met wants to hook us up with a place to stay and he’s planned for us to go paddle boarding,” and I was like ‘I don’t know, and I don’t just trust people I don’t know.’ And I got there. He picked me up from the airport, drove me around, took me to a local market and introduced me to everyone. He really took care of us. When I was growing up in the catholic church, I don’t know if you could just go somewhere and go ‘this guy is a catholic he’ll give you a great deal on a car.’

Q: So it sounds like you are searching in the world of different faiths.

CD: I’m searching and I’m discovering prayer, one of the things I believe in is intuition and that we are all created in Gods image. I want to get comfortable with my own intuition. I’m going to Bali in  December to sit with myself and see what pops up in terms of thoughts and desires. I can’t wait to see what I find.




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