Alex and Ella host Bella J launch party at The Grove L.A.

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On Friday night Alex and Ella (of the cutest blog ever!!), hosted the launch of Jennifer de Klaver and Jennifer Worthington’s make up line Bella J at Nordstrom at the Grove.

In true Alex and Ella style, there were candy striped straws in retro glass bottles of orange fizzy pop, mini strawberry milkshakes with whipped cream, miniature milk sippers flanked with cookies covered in orange sparkles and lest we forget the make up line itself! “It’s all things beautiful with a hint of surprise,” said de Klaver of the make up line that bursts color like a bag of candy on halloween. “Everything has a charm inside it, the candles have charms up to the value of $10,000, so its like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.”

Yes you read that correctly, if you buy a candle (they sell for $25 by the way and I purchased the Surf Shack flavor which is dreamy) you have the chance that it will come with a $10,000 charm! Talk about a christmas present that gifts up. Having expensive fancy things is obviously something many shoppers want, but for Worthington and de Klaver their line is about making beauty accessible. “It’s about young women, ” says de Klaver. “I just thing its really important that every girl feels like she can do what she wants, thats why you can get a small palette for $18 and feel good.”

Thank you to both Jennifers for Nordstrom’s newest beauty find and thank you to Alex and Ella for well, being adorable.


Rob Scheppy doing Ellas make up with Alex looking on

Rob Scheppy doing Ella’s make up with Alex looking on

Jennifer Worthington, Alex Chang and Jennifer de Klaver

Jennifer Worthington, Alex Chang and Jennifer de Klaver

Ella and Alex

Ella and Alex



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