Fashion Friday: For Love & Lemons, Antigua Mini Dress

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As we paced through the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas today we were stopped in our tracks by a mini dress in the window at Fred Segal She. An electric blue baroque lace delicately hand sewn onto skin colored mesh so to cover up just enough skin, but to leave any discerning eye wanting more.

The dress is the Antigua Mini and of course its designed by BFF’s and lace connoisseurs Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall of For Love & Lemons.

This find is our gift to you this weekend.  You can buy it online or at Fred Segal She at the SLS in Las Vegas for $229.00, a complete steal! We’re not the first to spot this brand (or this particular dress), the Antigua has been worn by Rumer Willis, Ireland Baldwin and Rita Volk in varying colors and styles. But it’s the electric blue version that has us losing sleep.  So if you are looking for a cocktail dress that will make jaws drop… you’re welcome!


Rumer WIllis, Ireland Baldwin and Rita Volk wearing differing versions of the Antigua dress

Rumer WIllis, Ireland Baldwin and Rita Volk wearing differing versions of the Antigua dress

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