Stylish Ladies At The Audi Golden Globes Kick Off Party!

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Yes they were all there: Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, Kate Walsh, Justin Baldoni (the ridiculously hot lead in my favorite show on TV, Jane The Virgin)… the list goes on and on and on…

But as I made my way through Cecconi’s, chatted with friends, lined up for the photo booth and ate the most delicious food with my besties at the Audi Golden Globes weekend kick off party, I couldn’t help but notice some very stylish ladies. So I decided to highlight what the hottest ladies who may not have walked the red carpet were wearing.



Jeanette Okwu, Social Media Director Spark44, lead agency for Jaguar

I couldn’t stop staring at Jeannette Okwu then she described her outfit to me and it all made sense. She was a walking Vogue magazine. The Social Media Director Spark44, lead agency for Jaguar, was in a Lanvin jumpsuit, accessorized with a Marni clutch, Maison Martin Margiela shoes, earrings by Ted Muehling and a ring designed by her father.


aussie gal

Jessica Hickam, SheKnows entertainment host

When I asked Jessica who she was wearing it was honestly because I wanted to buy that jumpsuit for myself. The plunging neckline showed just enough to make you want to see more, but wasn’t revealing to the point of I-think-I’m-Jlo-in-this. So I was slightly devastated to find out it was available in Australia! Hickam was in a jumpsuit designed by down-under designer Tobi (don’t worry you can buy it online ;0), with shoes by Guess and a vintage pearl necklace.

Jen Woodward

Jen Woodward, Fashion product placement


The gold triangular cut outs on Jen Woodward’s dress brought the fun to the outfit and the party. The style house product placement expert was in Israeli designer Dodo Bar Or.


Carmen Danae, Stylist

It’s not often that out of a party of about 300 people, I choose four outfits only to find that two of them happen to be from the same designer. Danae was also in a beautiful Dodo Bar Or top, paired with Kiki De Montparnasse leather pants and shoes by Mambrini. Love me some KikiD!!!

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