Fit Fix: Big Big Booty, yes I want that big booty… Werk!

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It’s official, I have booty envy!

My huge crush on JLO has morphed into a fixation on her rear… how do I know this?  Because I find myself half way through the video for the umpteenth time thinking wait when did I start watching this again?  All while the phrase “how is she 45?!” keeps playing on repeat in my mind.

Thank you JLO for  grinding on Iggy, gliding around in liquid gold and girating for the camera non-stop for four minutes and sixteen seconds. And for showing us that vampires do exist.

Well sort of. There’s no denying that JLO has genes of steal.  But the work out she committed too for the booty video was non other than that of her go-to fitness gal Tracy Anderson.  In fact JLO has been working out with the Tracy Anderson Method for years.  “I take a Tracy Anderson DVD with me and do it in front of the TV,”  she said when she was crowned People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful woman. “Little 3-lb. weights nothing crazy, just dance aerobics.”

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis workout, which assesses your body type and gives you a customized DVD that you can do in the comfort of your home, consists of two parts.  A cardio dance routine and a resistance training section that involves three pound weights and focus on your upper and lower body.  Your entire body gets a work out.

But Anderson has made it clear that she doesn’t anyone doing her workout just because they want to look like a celebrity. “Too often we get stuck on the idea of wanting to look like someone else,” said Anderson. “Or wanting a celebrity’s rear or legs.”

Instead she encourages people to “make personal goals based on looking at yourself, recognizing something in your life that is unhealthy that you need to get in check. Look for it within and look to what it is that you really want to accomplish and then how you are going to hold yourself accountable.”

OK Tracy I’ll try!  But its going to be really really hard this time!


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