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It’s true, Mark Wahlberg IS Justin Bieber’s body icon. We just saw Bieber walk the stage in nothing but his Calvins at Fashion Rocks. We’ve also been privvy to all the seen pecs and abs we could desire on the Bieb’s instagram. So we had to ask – is he idolizing a certain 90s icon that was ab’d out and half naked on billboards with Kate Moss? Yes!  “It was always Mark Wahlberg,” says Patrick Nilsson, Bieber’s friend and personal trainer. “That’s his body icon and that was his goal, it’s a good body type for him.”

Justin Bieber started working out hard a couple of years ago with Nilsson. Back then he said his goal was to build “impressive chest and arms.” From the looks of Bieber’s instagram posts he’s totally ok showing them off! So how does he chisel his way to an abtastic upper body?  “We start off with a bench press, we do three sets of 12 as heavy as you can go on 12 reps. We get up to about 135 lbs,” says Nilsson. “Then we’ll do some bicep curls and a flat dumbbell press.  We don’t do much cardio cause were trying to make him grow.”

And just in case you thought life was fair…Bieber doesn’t really need to watch his diet.  “He’s not a fan of eating in general,” says Nilsson. “With him I say, eat whatever you want as long as you have protein.  But he tends to forget to eat so I have to remind him. He eats lots of pasta dishes, he likes pasta alfredo with chicken. He can eat this way because he has a high metabolism, he’s very active.”

They train “five days a week when he’s on a roll,” Nilsson says. “Usually it’s in the mornings.  He likes to do it before the day gets started.” And if the Biebs has partied the night before it doesn’t affect his workout. “He’s still young enough to party hard and still function the day after. He’s just a little more tired but we’ll just start the day later and he’ll still perform well.” Queue the memories from our days of metabolizing food in a jiffie…and then sigh.

Don’t get it twisted though, it isn’t all about shirtless pics on instagram.  Bieber is all about supporting Nilsson’s passion project Orange Gym Rats, a social media campaign to encourage youth to work out and stay fit.  “Justin has such a big following of female youth I thought it would be a good plan to come up with something to motivate them and feel like they belong to something,” says Nilsson.  “Bieber definitely supports OGR and does shout outs. One girl beat cancer and said that OGR changed her life.  Bieber sent her a tweet to support and that’s what it’s all about.  I want to see it helping kids and I would love to work with Michelle Obama.” That girl was Brenna Leigh and her story is pretty inspiring (see her Cancer Diaries video below).

Brenna Leigh who

Brenna Leigh who


Bieber is always down to help the kids, as long as he can still have fun. “He’s goofy when we work out,” says Nilsson. “But I make sure I don’t do anything weird around him because he’s great at impersonations.  He does a great Will Ferrel and he’s most likely made fun of me at some point too.  The boy will make you laugh!”


A moment in abs.. courtesy of Bieber's instagram account

A moment in abs.. courtesy of Bieber’s instagram account



Brenna Leigh made a series of videos called “cancer diaries” – her montage paying tribute to her pre chemo hair is particularly funny as well as the use of Pharrell Williams’ Happy, to highlight images from her last day of chemo. Go Brenna! And in her words F*ck Cancer!

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  1. Chelsea

    September 15, 2014 at 4:50 PM

    I predict Calvin Klein is single-handedly going to change the perception of Bieber. Within a year, he will be on their billboards… he might even do like Marky Mark and plant a celebrity tree… #savejustinfromfailingatlife

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