Haters Gonna Hate, She’s Just Gonna Shake to the Top

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The cover of Taylor Swift’s fifth album, “1989.” (Big Machine Records)

New York has not only gained a new pop-princess resident, but also an upbeat anthem that they “could dance to forever more.”

Taylor Swift released her much anticipated album ‘1989’ today, which opens up with “Welcome to New York”, a catchy tune that even has Boston fans singing along.

With 13 hits, the album gives the world a dose of Taylor that fans have already fallen in love with –her pop side. Her unique sound gives off a late 80’s persona with a hint of flare and sass. “We wanted to keep this pop clean and good and right, and if it’s stuck in your head I want you to know what the song is about as well,” Swift said in a recent interview with collaborator Jack Antonoff.

Taylor has always expressed her personal life through songs, like when she allegedly put John Mayer in his place with “Dear John.” This time though, her album has taken on a new theme other than just getting back at her past relationships. She’s embracing her single life in a new, unfamiliar city and it is revitalizing. My favorite? “Wildest Dreams.” It’s edgy with a tad of sexual attraction. Any girl can find comfort in this song because who can’t relate to a handsome guy who is “so bad but does it so well.” Yes, she talks about a guy, but the way she describes their interaction is so refreshing.  It’s upbeat in its delivery and surprisingly positive, as though she’s over it and she’s looking back with a huge smile on her face.

And wouldn’t you be? 7 out of the 10 songs have already landed on iTunes Top Songs list and I imagine those numbers will rise even higher by the minute.

The star of music has done it yet again! Keep on shaking it off, Miss Swift!

Stephanie is a second semester senior at Emerson College and a journalism major who is currently interning at Guttman PR (and realizing she may want to gravitate towards that part of the entertainment world). A Boston girl who is living in LA until December until she heads back to the East coast, Stephanie is a sister of Sigma Pi Theta, she likes to have a good time and her favorite things include candles, fuzzy socks, her cats and Kenny Chesney.

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