Lion Babe Is On The Prowl

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With her golden mane and caramel skin, vocalist Jillian Hervey encapsulates the moniker, Lion Babe. But Lion Babe is not a solo act; it’s a duo. Made up of Hervey and instrumentalist/producer, Lucas Goodman, Lion Babe is set to release their debut album in March.

Regardless of how you view the set-up of the group, Hervey is undeniably the face of the New York-based electro-soul duo that’s being poised to be one of the big breakouts of 2015. She stems from music royalty, but don’t even try and compare her to her mother (actress/singer Vanessa Williams). She has a hypnotically airy style that’s all her own. Her impassioned twang of Erika Badu and eclectic fervor of Kelis may spark familiarity, but four bars into hearing this songstress, you realize quickly she’s bringing fresh to the over-populated music scene.

We won’t sleep on Goodman’s infectious Afro/hip-hop drum beats. His syncopated rhythms are what brings us to our feet and certainly gets the party going. “We were definitely really inspired by Blondie. Some people might even think Blondie is Debbie Harry, but Blondie is a band,” Goodman told VIBE of the band’s entity. “Then there’s Debbie Harry. But it’s almost like her silhouette is an inspiration for the band’s name, so we kind of play off that, too. ”

Hervey and Goodman were introduced to each other by a mutual friend when she was a senior in college and he was a college freshman. After discovering they both had an insatiable appreciation for music, they combined their forces.

Lion Babe pulls in new fans every day, but every once in a while Hervey and Goodman are flattered to hear who some of their admirers are. Last month, famed producer Rick Rubin tweeted one of their songs. “That was pretty amazing; like oh my God, that’s one of our heroes of all time.” Says Goodman of the praise. Rap artist Rick Ross personally called Hervey to compliment their music. “He wasn’t trying to holler or anything, he just said he was a fan of our work,” she says. “Since then he checks in, he texts me.”

Lion Babe recently completed a tour with The Roots and they’ve already made a splash on the scene with last year’s critically-praised self-titled EP, which is available now. Check out their new visual video for their single, “Treat Me Like Fire!”

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