Meet DASH Radio CEO DJ Skee, who still geeks out on “getting a call from Snoop.”

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If they were to tell you that before you were 30, you would have had wowed worldwide audiences as a DJ on radio, you would have opened a chain of retails stores, spearheaded national launches for wildly popular tech devices (think back to the original T-Mobile Sidekick phenomenon) and hosted your own hit show on TV, I’m pretty sure you would be proud of yourself!  Well, that wasn’t enough for 31 year old Scott Keeney aka DJ Skee.  This year he launched Dash Radio. A free digital radio service app with over 50 stations that reclaims the lustre traditional radio stations have lost and makes listening to music “fun again,” he says.

If you haven’t downloaded the app, please do so.  You’ll find a gang of stations, that are free from cost, advertising and the monotony of hearing the same song over and over again. And even if you have the most peculiar taste in music, don’t worry, there IS a station for you – and it probably has a really cool name.  ’90s R&B enthusiasts can listen to “Bump ‘n’ Grind,” Romantics who need John Legend or Omarion in their lives can tune into “Moonlight”(obvi) and pop enthusiasts who want stick to their dose of Selena Gomez, Drake or Adele can tune in to “MainStage.”

But even more fascinating than the app itself, is the man who created it.  DJ Skee has been on radio since he was 16 years old, he’s surrounded by and immersed in the alluring world of celebrity yet seems totally unfazed by it. He doesn’t drink alcohol at all and though he stayed mum on his personal life (we don’t know if he’s single or not) he did say his ideal partner would not necessarily be a hot model type (which he is frequently surrounded by) but rather someone who “can help me grow as a person outside of the work environment.”

So for those of you who haven’t had the chance to get to know DJ Skee, here’s Hype Effect’s exclusive conversation with him on life, love and how to stay zen among the madness.

Hype Effect (HE): How did you come up with Dash Radio?

Scott Keeney (SK): Radio is one of those formats that hasn’t truly gone digital yet and nobody has claimed being the leader in a digital broadcast today. We started our own app a couple of years ago, a radio station, and pretty early on once we launched it I realized that it had potential to be way bigger than me. I saw that this is what the future of radio will be, where it doesn’t have the limits, rules, regulation and huge cost that entertaining a typical radio station does. It’s something done really cool, simply and with great content. That served as the foundation for Dash.

HE: When did you move to LA? You were originally an east coaster no?

SK: I got connected through Steve Rifkind who was the CEO of Loud Records at Sony at the time. I sent him a proposal on what he was doing wrong and he loved it and he moved me out here. I was like 17. That was my only real job ever. I ended up running his marketing company SRC.

HE: So who is involved in Dash radio?

SK: We have a who’s who of business tech and music. It’s everybody from L.A. Reid to Mike Lazerow and Matt Michelson. A combination of great people we’ve brought together to change broadcast forever.

HE: What’s your day to day involvement with Dash?

SK: We have an incredible team around us – it’s a big undertaking. We have a pretty massive infrastructure and full time in house people working from the tech side to the legal side to the content side.

HE: And Dash is only one of the projects you have going on right now.

SK: I don’t even know what we have going on! We obviously had the TV show, Skee Live and we are coming back bigger and better than ever – you’ll see! We’ve had our digital media company Skeematic where we create content for brands, Skee TV has been around for 8 years and has over billions of views today and Dash Radio now has taken over the life of me.

HE: You have a lot of friends who are artists, would you ever go into artist management?

SK: It’s not one of our key skill sets. Management is such an overwhelming task. I’m interested in other things.

HE: How do you stay zen? Cause you clearly have a lot going on.

SK: You just have to make sure your mind is focussed. It’s tough, sometimes you’ll go through periods where you’re not as focussed or as motivated. That’s when you have to take a step back. You can’t let yourself get burned out. I have to work out every single day. I try to eat right and I have to make sure I get out of the office sometimes. To be most effective I have to get my sleep, work out and you know schedules some things and not be 2000% about work because then you just end up being less effective.

HE: What do you do to work out?

SK: I do everything right now. I’ve always been an avid runner. I’ve been doing the P90X, and P90X 3, Insanity, Asylum, you name it, I’ve done all of those!

HE: What’s your diet like?

SK: It’s tough on the road but I try to eat relatively healthy. The only meat I really eat is chicken and sometimes seafood and I haven’t eaten red meat in 15 years. I try to eat a lot of veggies, fruits and a balanced diet. I do have a sweet tooth I try to avoid though.  I love peanut butter, that’s my weakness!

HE: Do you see yourself being married some day?

SK: I can definitely see myself married with children, it’s definitely a possibility.

HE: I’m sure you’re surrounded by models in clubs, what kind of qualities would you look for in a partner?

SK: Somebody that’s not into all that and doesn’t care about the industry. Someone who can help me grow as a person outside of just the work environment.

HE: When was the last time you had a drink?

SK: I never have.  The only time I had a drink was once by accident. I thought it was my water and I grabbed it and that’s the only time I’ve ever had a drink in my life.

HE: Why is that? That is so rare in this industry?

SK: My mom was an alcoholic. So I had two different choices, especially with having an addictive personality. I could have chosen that same path, but it’s forced me to stay away from that and look, anything in moderation is fine, but it’s not something for me personally.

HE: What’s next for you?

SK: Taking over the world with Dash Radio.

HE: Taking over the world at 31, you are so young!

SK: I used to lie about my age when I was coming up at 19 running around with corporate people. I would say that I was older. I remember one time I was with Steve and it was my first time in a private jet. We went to the Nike headquarters to meet the president (of Nike) and anybody that knows me knows that I’m the biggest sneaker head in the world. That was a big trip, I was like Damn!


HE: Do you have a favorite sneaker?

SK: I have so many! I love all Air Max’s but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Air Jordan 11’s. The first pair of sneakers I ever got was the Air Jordan 10’s. I couldn’t get them for a long time cause my parents couldn’t afford them, then they finally splurged! Then I saw the 11s. It was the year MJ came back. I just fell in love. It was the best Jordan ever! I was gonna go get them after school but they sold out so that was the one pair I never got. But when they got rereleased I got so many. Between all the colors, I have about 50 pairs!

HE: What’s been your favorite celebrity moment from your show?

SK: I have so many. Getting a call from Snoop is still a trip. But there was this one epic moment at the Beats Music launch party, where Dr. Dre was on stage. He shouted out Jimmy Iovine and he saw me in the audience and shouted me out too. To have Dre shout me out in front of the whole industry was amazing.


A US native (by way of a study detour in Sydney Australia), Raha Lewis is an influencer for all things fashion, pop culture and entertainment. A lawyer in her past life, who has written for publications such as the LA Times and People Magazine, Lewis is always on the latest news in the world of celebrity and is often seen touting exclusives on camera for the likes of E! News, Good Morning America and Showbiz Tonight. Her legal background anchors an innate analytic mindset, while her passion and have-fun-for-a-living attitude gives her the ability to provide telling insights on just about any subject matter. She extracts a unique reality in interviews because of her conversational free spirited interview style. She’s motivating, honest and reveals strengths in subjects that even they didn’t know they had.

She’s a content creator with a voice that speaks to the masses. And if she ends up at your dinner party, be prepared for a lot of laughter.

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