OK Go Doesn’t Let Us Down With New Vid

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Ever since the death of music on MTV, people have been running through the streets proclaiming the death of the music video industry as well. I want my MTV, but where can I get my music without TRL!?

Then websites like YouTube came along and people saw potential. Videos were so easily accessible, so maybe we jumped the gun on this whole death thing, right?

With over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, something has to become static. It certainly wasn’t going to be cat videos or makeup tutorials, but something had to give, and a lot of artists’ music videos became muted.

One band has managed to keep their vids a hot commodity, therefore absolutely killing it on the music charts.

OK Go took the world by storm with their creative and usually low-budget music videos, starting with the famous 2006 treadmill dance, “Here It Goes Again.”

They have since built a following specifically with videos that are enrapturing and brilliant, both visually stimulating and true works of art.

I’m one of the fans who follow them particularly for their videos; while I can only name “Here It Goes Again,” I’ve excitedly watched all of their music videos upon release. Their top 15 most popular videos have over 172.61 million views, and they’ve been awarded a Grammy, MTV VMA, YouTube Video Award and Webby Awards, just to name a few.

Once again, they’ve captured the attention of millions with their newest release.

On Monday, OK Go released the video for “I Won’t Let You Down,” off their new album Hungry Ghosts. Directed by Morihiro Harano, it is coolest take on single-shot videos that I’ve seen.

The video features the band scooting around on electric Honda unicycles, choreographed numbers with huge crowds, and a human Lite Brite, all filmed by a drone. As the band dances on their unicycles, I can’t help but think this looks like a doo wop band dancing in the future. And again, let me remind you, this was shot in ONE TAKE!

With 3.24 million views in just 24 hours, the band reminds us that the music video industry has more than a pulse, especially with the devotion and creativity of bands like OK Go.

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