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By now were well aware that Beyonce does everything but set the stage on fire with her hot looks swaying, to-ing and fro-ing alongside her boo for their On the Run tour. But we wanted to highlight how her fans were inspired to express themselves on the night they had been looking forward to for months! Here were some of my favorite looks from the show at the Rose Bowl on Saturday.


Beyonce's fans show up inspired by the Queen

Beyonce’s fans show up inspired by the Queen

From left to right here are their stories:

Sam Cowley Lupo

Designer, stylist and fashionista Sam Cowley Lupo flew all the way from New Zealand for the show. Inspired by the “American dream,” he’s manifesting he donned a Vassari jacket he picked up in downtown LA, a white button down shirt by Hallenstein’s (consider it the Zara of New Zealanders) and pants that he designed and made himself. He finished off the look with a vintage hat he sourced at a local clothing exchange store back down under. “I’m just here to live the american dream,” he said at the show. “So I decided to wear it.”

For more of his fashionable style check follow him on instagram: @sammysalsastyle84

Teenage Taylor

Out on the town with her girlfriends, Taylor went for something “fun!” She wore a clean white tee, short short denim daisy dukes and a blue flannel (both from American Eagle) wrapped around her waist. She snatched a messenger bag from Target and finished off her look with thigh high stockings from Urban Outfitters.

Fun Loving Monzie

Monica Ramirez and her best friend bought their tickets the day they went on sale! Opting for a free flowing dress from BCBG, the Business-Development-by-day-dancing-machine-by-night Angeleno, made sure to wear comfortable Steve Madden booties that did get caught in the rain, but she didn’t care one scrap!

And last but certainly not least meet Angel Red.

Budding local designer Angel, was sporting pants from H&M that she scrunched over black leggings, a black Ecko tee, a Diesel denim jacket – please note the popped collar – and Gucci shades.

But what impressed me the most were her self made accessories. The Hat is a “Red” original, along with the necklace that started out as a personal sketch that she took to a jeweler to create her finishing touch for the concert. And lest we forget the shiny shoes! They are blinged out and hand painted Converse sneakers that she designed and created herself.

Check out Red Angels line of Hats and Sneakers on her instagram page: @redoriginals

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